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What we do

1. We provide Pasifika engagement services for research, reviews & evaluation purposes.

Our approach to Pacific engagement is called "TA FESILAFAI," which is a Samoan term meaning "to connect face-to-face and see eye-to-eye." Our connection is strengthened by relationships built on trust and mutual respect. This philosophy forms the foundation of our engagement approach, which is divided into three simple steps when working with our diverse Pacific communities.

  1. We bring the consultation process to the community in familiar and culturally/spiritually appropriate settings, following all relevant protocols.

  2. We communicate effectively by using the language of the community and tailoring the content to ensure comprehension and engagement.

  3.  We stay connected with the community by revisiting and updating them on the progress and outcomes of any engagement projects.

2. We help to facilitate events

3. We help to recruit Pacific participants for research purposes through our Talanoa Panel.


4. We prepare & provide reports following any engagement project.(Insights & Engagement     Report, Review & Evaluation report etc)

5. We help translate documents to the various Pacific languages

6. We help non profitable organisations prepare funding applications,Pandemic plans, Continuity plans & Risk registers.


Tel: + 64 21 963 301

  Tel: + 64 27 237  8294

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