“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein.

and when we understand, we prosper.

Our role is to help clarify and articulate the Pacific perspective on a range of societal issues. We do this by engaging at the grass root level with hard to reach Pacific community of interests. We subscribe to the belief that community solutions lie within themselves, in line with the Samoan proverb,"E fofo e le alamea le alamea", and it is our mission to bring these solutions to light. 


About Us 

Bluespur Ltd provide the following services;

1) We help companies & organizations to engage and consult effectively with diverse Pacific community groups, businesses and churches across a variety of topics.​

  - Face to face, focus groups, talanoa, phone & online surveys

We also recruit Pacific people for research purposes via our Talanoa Panel.


2) We help companies & organizations improve the effectiveness of their financial products and services  for Pacific customers.

  - Training & advisory services

3) We help organizations prepare a range of reports eg; Accountability, Evaluation, Cultural & Engagement reports in line with client requirements.

Bluespur Charitable Trust in collaboration with LKH Consulting  provide the following service;

Pacific settlement Services ; We help Pacific migrants to re-settle successfully in New Zealand.

Geographical location of our services;

We have an extensive Pacific network and we can operate anywhere in New Zealand.


Zeprina Fale

Bluespur Consulting Ltd; Director 

Consultant, Advocate, Facilitator, Trainer

IAP2 Certified

B Com - Accounting & Business Tax Law University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia

MBA - University of the South Pacific (USP)Fiji.

Green Belt Practitioner.

EPLD Alumni

Mandy Siitia-Momoisea

Bluespur Charitable Trust; Director.
Entrepreneur, People Leader, Facilitator, Trainer

Advance Dip Business Management,

AML Compliance Cert, Financial Services Cert.


VISION: Empowered & prosperous communities.

MISSION: To engage and consult effectively, in order to understand.

STRATEGY: Through community partnership and collaboration.

VALUES: Culture, Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Focused Solutions




Tel: + 64 21 963 301


  Tel: +64 27 237 8294

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