For communities by communities

"E fofo e le alamea le alamea"

A popular proverb among Samoan fishermen that if you get stung by the spines of the alamea (crown of thorn starfish), then you should turn the starfish over and let its sponge-like exterior touch the affected area. The alamea will heal its own doing. This is the overarching vision of Bluespur, that communities, organisations and individuals are empowered and enabled to find relevant and meaningful solutions  for themselves.

About Us

Bluespur Consulting partners with organisations to deliver the  following services in a culturally relevant & spiritually sensitive way.

  •  We engage, facilitate & consult with community of interests, for research purposes and to inform changes to policies, strategies and legislation.

    • Our strength is in engaging with Pacific communities such as churches, community groups and businesses.

  • We provide Book Keeping services and training.

  • We provide strategic advice & evaluation, policy reviews, risk management & governance training.

We work with our extensive network of trusted partners, community leaders, influencers and media outlets to empower communities and let their voices be heard.


Zeprina Fale

Bluespur Consulting Ltd; Director

Mother, Volunteer, Community Advocate, Facilitator, Maximiser aNegotiator.

BCom -University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia

 MBA - University of the South Pacific (USP)Fiji.

Green Belt Practitioner.

Emerging Pacific Leadership Dialogue - 2010

Mandy Siitia-Momoisea

Bluespur Charitable Trust; Director.
Entrepreneur, People Leader, Facilitator, Trainer

Advance Dip Business Management,

AML Compliance Cert, Financial Services Cert.


VISION: To empower communities

MISSION: To increase public participation and engagement

STRATEGY: Through community partnership and collaboration

VALUES: Excellence, Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Focused Solutions



Tel: + 64 21 963 301

  Tel: +64 27 237 8294